Communication and advertising on Social Media

Everyone’s on facebook

Facebook is the largest open social media channel for communication and access to public and private information.

Everyone is active and performs on social media. Communication is real time, there’s fast rate interaction between people, you can connect with friends, groups, communities, the social scene, on a local, regional, national level. Facebook is interconnected multimedia and the main social destination of the internet.

  • 1.2 billion
    people enter Facebook every day, the number increases by 18% annually
  • 1.7 billion
    people connect to Facebook from mobile device, the number increases by 21% annually
  • 9.6 billion
    users are connected from Romania
  • 1 in 2 Romanians
    with internet access has a profile page on Facebook
  • 5 new profile
    pages are created every second

Everything is happening on facebook

They call it social media for good reason.

Facebook is the principal news feed for people to connect with all topics, brands and domains of interest. Content sharing and publication on Facebook is bringing the news and information directly to the people – for professional, entertainment and community purposes.

Artists can communicate with their fan base, small, medium and large organization reach out to their public (clients and other organizations), political parties rally their demographics, NGOs support their causes and communities, institutions update on their activity, people organize events, participate in public discussions, raise funds or start social movements.

Facebook is a major source of information and action.

and promotion on facebook

Our actions aim to win over the public, to drive more traffic to the website from Facebook, to increase sales numbers from traffic generated by Facebook, to source people’s opinions on various matters, to win the participation of the public at social events or just keep people well informed and entertained.

We publish daily content on Facebook according to an editorial agenda structured to address all topics of interest, communication and marketing objectives on a timely calendar. Sponsored posts and Facebook Ads campaigns get more reach and bring in more interaction to the pages we promote.

facebook Insights

We evaluate the success of our campaigns using Faceb0ok Insights, the statistical reporting dashboard for Facebook Business owners. Reports are issued real time according to the number and type of posts and their time of publication. We track the interactions generated by multimedia posts and other key data to discover trends and communication insights.

We monitor a series of key indicators to understand the persons that visit and interact with a profile page in order to develop the ideal multimedia content for our Followers.

Performance indicators on a Facebook profile page

  • Number of Followers and weekly growth rate
  • Number of Likes and weekly growth rate
  • Numbers of actions per page
  • Post engagement and impressions
  • Post reach (paid and organic)
  • Audience demographics – local, regional, national, international

Performance indicators per post

  • Number of Likes
  • Number of Shares
  • Number of comments
  • Reach numbers
  • Link clicks to a website

Other relevant interactions

  • Favorable reviews
  • The quality of messages and requestsr
  • Level of engagement in the comments for dialogue
  • Level of participation of people to various initiatives
  • Number of e-mails received with various requests

Growing an organic communication network

In the commercial sector, a Facebook brand page can connect to its Followers and be referenced by other pages or influential persons with similar interests.

Facebook Insights indicates which stats we need to monitor, yet garnering communication insights from our Followers helps us develop the right strategies to reach our audience, our competitors’ audiences or new communication partners, like influencers which reach communities of up to millions.

How do we reach our performance indicators?

Our methods are clear and well documented. It’s safe to assume the reader of this article is versed in Facebook mechanics.

To host the communication for a brand profile page in the commercial sector requires research into the domain of activity, the competition, the audience, in order to develop a communication strategy for our creative services – the production and publication of entertaining content that is well received.

Programming an editorial agenda

The basic idea is to develop an editorial agenda based on topics of interest, an ideal number of posts and interactions that address the interests of a demographically specific public in the time frame of a calendar.

The editorial agenda initiates a series of communication actions – publishing informative posts, persuasive, entertaining posts, including direct sale messages or promotional offers. For best practices, communication on Facebook is interlinked with a brand owned website to share blog articles or feature products and services to buy. Relevant content on the website will turn visitors from Facebook into buyers.

What types of action can we employ to get results?

The communication campaign follows a strategic development of stories according to an editorial agenda designed for creating and publishing multimedia content.

Our mission is to pursue the platform’s objectives – Likes, Shares, Reach, comments, e-mails – to connect the content we post with the desired audience, also with our client’s website. We reach commercial objectives once we generate a sufficient level of interaction between the public and the profile page.

The importance of a website optimized for Open Graph Protocol

We communicate on social media to drive targeted followers to visit a website. Our actions to initiate and entertain dialogue with the public on Facebook are aimed to bridge the link between Facebook and the website pages we promote to win targeted traffic, visitors that turn into buyers of products and services.

In order to publish Facebook natively formatted posts with embedded website page links, Facebook for Developers has issued a framework to optimize web pages – Open Graph Protocol. It allows us to format the embedded web page link to display a specific picture, the website page title, including subtitle. This optimization is necessary to improve page display quality.

Open Graph Protocol

The competition to win priority in News Feed

One Facebook user is subscribed to hundreds or thousands of commercial and non-commercial pages. Some influencers have millions of followers. Multimedia content (text + video, image, audio) can elicit high numbers of interactions with the page followers. The working algorithm of Facebook allows each post by each page to be distributed within a limited Reach of News Feed displays according to priority criteria.

The criteria is mostly financial – sponsored posts and Facebook Ads boost Reach numbers and display posts to both followers and new categories of people. Other criteria are credibility, number of followers, number of inter-page references, Like and Share rates, number of impressions, comments and messages etc.

Facebook is a very competitive social media platform. To build and reach a huge community, presence and activity on the platform should be daily and intensive.

Facebook Feed

Financial investments in facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook

Brand pages with major objectives of interacting with followers and communities can choose to reach more followers budgeting Sponsored Posts. Investing money in Facebook Ads campaigns can reach new targeted followers with advertising posts designed to catch attention.

Contacting and collaborating with influencers and other brand pages will help a brand share various messages in order to reach more News Feeds. Using a mix of free and paid tactics to boost the reach of various posts will likely drive more traffic to targeted Facebook pages and websites. We can help you connect the dots.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads campaigns allow the targeting of specific posts to reach distinct audiences according to interest, preferences and demographics.

Our Facebook Ads campaigns are very successful to target new audiences and to activate existing audiences.

The measure of success is evaluated considering communication and marketing objectives, the investment budget in Facebook Ads (costs per click, campaign running time), yet it is also correlated to the creation and strategic distribution of quality content to a well-targeted audience.

An image first social media platform

Instagram is a very popular platform for an increasingly eclectic audience, currently owned by Facebook. With over 600 million global users, Instagram hosts about 300 million active users daily. Publishing Ads on Instagram is managed from Facebook Ads Manager and ad placements can be controlled to the detail.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram Ads can be promoted to reach an extended audience using a Facebook profile page connection. By ticking some ##hashtags of reference in social trends, geo-tagging posts for GPS location, or by creating dedicated Insta Stories, notoriety on Instagram increases.

Instagram Live allows live video broadcast for real time news, direct messages to users can be effective for immediate-response ads, and professionally-deployed image posting campaigns will certainly enhance brand image quality.

If you wish to develop or boost your Instagram presence, let’s talk about your communication strategy.

Online brand presence and Social Media promotion

Social platforms are interconnected, and brand presence on networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, or others similar allows organizations to diversify their actions and interactions over the Internet to get traffic from multiple sources at once. Social media news circulates very quickly, and the direct connection of a page daily news leads to favorable results.

In the context of Social Media campaigns, integrated communication actions support the ideal dynamics to reach an extended online presence.

Social networks and particular metrics we follow

We define our results according to the specificity of each social network. In this article, we considered a communication campaign for the preferred social networking of millions of users and organizations worldwide – the famous Facebook.

For additional recommendations, please contact a social media expert from team Fortin.

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