An exceptional web design shares a story for every click

In the current web design landscape, brands focus on information architecture, image and navigation. Messages stimulate the intelligence, images captivate attention, the dynamics of a website guides visitors to content sections of interest. A user’s path is easy and intuitive. An exceptional web design shares a story for every click – in letters, symbols, geometry and colors.

A website is an interactive experience designed to present information within a logical and easy-to-navigate structure.

Web design services to serve marketing purposes

We develop websites for small, medium and large companies, public institutions, individuals and artistic projects. We work for various industries to meet our clients’ requirements and desired functionalities.

Our agency’s principal mission is to develop design, copywriting and programming code in terms of user experience (UX) and user interaction (IU), aesthetics and utility. In terms of prices, web design is a relatively affordable service for brands that understand the artistic value of an impressive design.

Web design as a map of virtual experience

We design graphical structures to guide a visitor’s experience to information sections and website functionality. We approach web design from the perspective of:

  • Information hierarchy
  • Accessibility to services and products
  • Guiding the user between pages
  • Supporting marketing actions

Marketing actions are defined by commercial goals — buying, contracting, subscribing, calling, downloading, free trial, requesting an quote etc.

The more we simplify and intuitively coordinate a visitor’s interaction with website functionalities, the better the chances of achieving our marketing objectives.

Research is
a vital aspect of web design

We allow time for research to discover the benefits our brand offers its customers in a field of business.

The objective of the website is to illustrate and articulate a company’s business philosophy in terms of: practices, activities, mission, vision, values, product development, services, partnerships.

We take interest in the organizational culture of the companies for which we work to personalize the textual, graphic and interactive experience for the direct audience of our clients.

Ideas are out there,
we just need to find and apply them

In order to develop a profitable website, we are interested in how the organization earns its profit. In order to develop a brand positioning strategy on the market, we investigate the competition and determine the types of audience we are addressing.

In terms of branding and communication, a company’s reputation is reflected in design elements, messages and information, including online action and interaction. Before design can solve problems, our mission is to define and understand the issues to find the ideal solutions.

Design Responsive

Responsive design for mobile devices

Mobile devices have redefined users habits for web browsing.

For information accessibility reasons, the page layout arrangement is dynamic to allow content to be adapted for various mobile devices screen sizes – phones, tablets, projectors – thus we write CSS code to apply certain permutation properties to structure elements to suit website display on all common resolutions.

The theory

Graphical language is eloquent if it allows flexibility for natural human behavior to find elements of significance. The multimedia content brings meaning and intent to text, photo, video, audio. The dynamics of a website, the colors and fonts are elements of significance; the very structure of a website is an element of significance.

The human eye follows a series of mental patterns to read and decipher information, thus a designer’s mission is to organize the content within a static or dynamic structure and to observe the principles that shape user behaviors to follow the function of conveying brand messages.


The design of a website is composed according to a grid structure that integrates content sections, information units, navigation and interaction areas.

We strive to balance a set of principles – composition, alignment, white space, colors, fonts – to build a functional, easy-to-follow structure so that the process of understanding and interacting with information on the website is intuitive.

From the abstract to the concrete

The main idea is to get a reaction from people. We want people to read, buy, act upon a commercial offer. We seek to understand how people think in the context of an industry to personalize the experience. Our mission is to keep a visitor on the website, guide a visitor’s navigation to pages of interest, inspire and welcome back the visitor each and every time.

We ask questions and find answers:

  • What attracts or keeps a visitor’s attention?
  • How do we motivate a visitor to continue exploring the website?
  • How do we motivate a visitor to take action?

We find answers like:

  • In general, multimedia information, but in particular, how the information is hierarchically structured
  • Maintaining unity, so that the eye follows a natural course to discover more
  • Designing logical steps so that the order of the elements leads the intention to make action