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Before reading through this page, you should know that Google AdWords services are relatively expensive. Additionally to the budget allocated for Google’s algorithm, our agency budget guarantees that campaigns are properly set up in terms of cost-optimization and maintenance to help drive efficient advertising on Google.

We are quite new on the local market (2015) and our mission is to develop cost-effective and profitable sales campaigns for our customers.

If you need superior advertising results you’re welcome to work with us

We can outsmart your competition, they become our competition. Our experience spans over 15 years of practice in Romania and other geographic areas:
USA, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc. We have reached remarkable performance numbers that come as strong recommendations for our agency to manage your Google AdWords marketing budget and campaigns

We understand that Google AdWords promotion equals a considerable investment, our interest is to help you make a significant profit on conversion so that our Google AdWords campaigns are worth every cent.

In 2017, we managed to:
  • Reduce average Per Click Cost for managed campaigns by over 60%
  • Generate sales of over 30 million euros
  • Extend the PPC department and operate on foreign markets
  • Reach and keep first Google position for all clients
  • Generate over 1,800,000,000 ad impressions
  • Attract more than 500,000,000 visits to promoted sites
  • Get click rates between 25% and 40%

And the results keep improving on a daily basis.

What is and how does Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords is a paid Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform. The way it works is quite simple:

  • When searching on Google, people enter keywords or key phrases to get relevant results – products, services, or information
  • There are two types of search results on Google – organic results and paid results. Paid results represent the first 3 positions on the first Google’s results page marked with the Ads symbol, featured above organic results, also featured as the last 3 positions on the Google results page
  • When people click on an ad, they are directed to a website’s promoted page, and the Cost Per Click is paid to Google by the website owner in return for a visit
  • The Cost Per Click system is applied to each campaign-targeted keyword and is determined by the keyword’s bidding cost within an activity domain
  • The cost of a Google AdWords campaign is quite high and the profit you earn may be major if all the Google optimization conditions are met
  • Google AdWords offers all the tools necessary for audience monitoring, calibration and accurate targeting to deliver the best results.

We can reach the first position in Google results for the lowest Cost Per Click prices in Romania

We are very profitable for clients to handle their Google AdWords online marketing campaigns.

If you’re new to the Google AdWords system, you’ll find out all you need to know about making sales by attracting traffic to your website from Google searches.

If you’re already advertising your business with Google AdWords, you’re reaching first Google position at a certain CPC, we can consolidate your first position on Google at lower costs to earn a bigger profit.

Optimizing costs and delivering financial results

Paid advertising on Google is the most direct and efficient method of promoting a website to receive new visitors and reach benchmark sales of products or services.

Conversely, the level of difficulty in managing a campaign is very high, and advertising success is conditioned by a number of interdependent factors, including competitor’s bids:


AdRank determines the position the ad will display in search results. It’s calculated as an equation determined by:

Keyword bid score

Functional extensions (phone number, address on map, etc.)

Functional extensions (phone number, address on map, etc.)

Quality Score

The quality score determines the relevance of the ad in the context of keyword searches. It’s calculated considering 3 main factors, along with other secondary factors:

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – Estimated click rate on a link
  • Relevance of ad text based on keywords
  • The quality of the web page the user reaches

We are experienced Google AdWords marketers. Our advantage is essential know-how – to accurately calibrate advertising campaigns for low costs and maximum results

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is a sponsored advertising tool

In short and medium term prospects, Google AdWords helps websites achieve superior results to organic search results. It may difficult to keep the first position without constant investment and without an optimized website. We can achieve medium to long term superior organic positions by employing a SEO keyword promotion campaign.

A Fortin expert can make a big difference between low results and high results, between a campaign that is wasting the marketing budget and a profitable sales campaign.

Google Adwords delivers the best chances of success for online marketing

Success is predicated on marketing objectives and actions - if you have a small marketing budget and you want to invest little and win big, it is unlikely to work. If you have a medium to large budget, we can implement a step-by-step investment campaign in which we reach goals and increase the CPC to reach higher benchmarks.

AdWords is a very useful tool for supporting large volumes of sales, but also to generate Brand Awareness. Image capital earned from market presence is as profitable on long term prospects as making sales.

For a big business, it's important to be loyal to customers.

Do you want to know how to pay lower costs per click and outrank your competition?
Welcome to Fortin Agency.
Mihai Badea
Mihai Badea Google AdWords Specialist 0733 367846

Keeping the first position in Google results is not solely dependent on the AdWords campaign

There are a number of factors to control for high performance advertising campaigns - keywords, an optimized sales strategy for your business, accurate audience targeting, consistent campaign tracking and calibration.

We address a well-targeted audience

We target potential visitors with the intent to purchase, part of the online business’ audience, as determined by keyword trends. A sprint campaign (large short-term investment for bigger objectives) is very costly and difficult to sustain in the long run. The best winning strategy with Google AdWords is to support a steady paced marathon campaign with the idea of lowering Cost Per Click and getting targeted traffic.

We implement and monitor the ad campaign

Financial investment is important in AdWords campaigns, as well as the implementation and the monitorization of ad campaigns, yet we also need to focus our attention on the Google evaluation criteria or the content elements of an ad - the text and the promotion message. Along with the creative message, the variety of functional extensions that can accompany the ad allows us to add phone buttons, map, special offers.

We write ads that generate action

Potential visitors will click the link if the ad text is appealing, they will spend more time on your website and possibly also make a purchase if the information on the website is relevant, if the path to a purchase is intuitive, and if a Call To Action message would motivate a purchase.

We add functional extensions for interaction

Text ads in the Search Network can be supplemented with additional information, both for an increase in CTR (Click-Through Rate), also for greater visibility on the results page. AdWords displays one or more extensions when it renders that the extension (or combination of extensions) will improve ad performance and when the ad has an Ad Rank favorable enough to display extensions.

We optimize each and every aspect of a campaign

Google AdWords campaigns can direct large numbers of visitors to promoted landing pages. If the web pages are Google optimized, the content is creative and commercial (text, graphics, experience, user interaction) the chances of converting visitors to buyers are very favorable.

Ad Ranking and Quality Score

Ad Ranking is the position of a pay-per-click (PPC) ad on the Google search results page after a keyword search. Ad placement is conditioned by the ranking of each keyword included in the ad, determined by the keyword's bid price or the number of ads in a group multiplied by the quality score of the targeted keyword.

Google AdWords values relevance as essential

Keywords should be relevant to key audiences. The advertising message should be relevant, the landing page information should be relevant, all of these details lead to a high quality score, thus higher positions. A higher Ad Ranking means increased Click-Through Rates and wide exposure for the products or services promoted.


Certain semantic niches in domains of activity are very competitive and operate with very pricey keywords Costs Per Click. Much of the profit gained from Google AdWords marketing budgets is in the value of conversions, thus for very expensive products, the number of sales is lower than for mass-market products, and the Cost Per Click is much higher, yet profitable in due time.

Activity niches

If your ad campaigns run in a competitive niche and the cost per click is very high for selling cheaper products, it is difficult to gain significant profit. The cost per click should be calibrated to a minimum for keywords that allow investment in long-term promotion.

Costul per click trebuie calibrat la un nivel minim pentru cuvinte cheie care permit investiții în promovare pe termen lung.

Click Cost per click

Mobile First – To be present and also mobile

Google Mobile Ads allows us to promote online businesses on communication devices. We can handle media placement for ads displayed for users browsing the web on mobile devices and within apps. There are several types of ad formats and each is designed to provide exposure based on a few criteria.
Over 50% of website traffic comes from online searches on mobile phones, and by optimizing a website for mobile devices, click rates will increase significantly.

Precision marketing  

Before winning the jackpot in sales, we need to reach the right people first. We can focus on a range of small-medium-sized marketing goals that can be reached in a timely manner.

We can activate a strategy designed to deliver a greater impact on smaller investments for keywords for specifically targeted audiences with a willingness to buy.

Why are we worthy of our commission?

We consistently evaluate and optimize ad campaigns to calibrate those variables that make the difference in terms of statistical and commercial results. We alternate between automation of certain processes to customizing text ads, keywords and bidding algorithms, including target audiences. We provide weekly and monthly reports to track click rates and conversion rates.

On average, we achieve an increase of 300% per year in online sales turnover for each client. We have results that go beyond expectations, but we expect to overcome them every time.

Do you want to know how to pay lower costs per click and outrank your competition?
Welcome to Fortin Agency.
Mihai Badea
Mihai Badea Google AdWords Specialist 0733 367846