Brand presentation website development

Pixel by Pixel

Building a website is similar to building a home.

We lay the foundation for the working concept, develop a content strategy, design the information architecture, and then build the programming code line by line.

To develop a brand presentation website, we approach a linear process system designed to provide visitors with the experience and interactions to achieve communication and marketing goals.


In the process of creating a presentation site, our mission is to highlight the value a brand brings to its customers and partners. We focus on a number of key questions about the organization, the public of the organization, the communication messages, the functionalities and the type of interaction with the website.

Considering marketing objectives, a website must:

  • Generate business opportunities
  • Be a sales point for products or services
  • Increase brand awareness

In regards to operational objectives, a website must:

  • Automate business processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Provide a solution for a problem


  • Content strategy and information architecture matter. They are important because our process derives from a content-based approach. We ask questions, we look for answers, write, design graphics, and then build the code work.
  • You will be impressed by the website because we are also impressed by your business and its potential, and the messages we develop will confirm it.

Web Design

Forms versus content

In web design, although counter-intuitive, the appearance of a website is less important. People trust the clarity of navigation, accessibility to quality content, user-friendly functionality and unobtrusive branding experience. Each individual element of graphic design shines a favorable light on the brand as whole.

Many websites prioritize design before textual content. When a visitor reaches the presentation site, he looks for content that describes and presents a product or service. A website can be considered good quality even if the design is less attractive, but the content is amazing.

Design versus content

In our web design philosophy, the design of a website should provide mental space for a user’s perception of the content. Design is the construction of an ideal form to support a concrete task – ease of access to information and understanding of content.

Quality design finds simple solutions to intricate visual information issues by creating a logical and easy-to-follow path for the visitor’s eye.


Reinventing the wheel
is not ROI friendly

Our website development practice needs to be flexible. Creating custom text and web design is the ideal choice as it allows us to personalize branding elements and write custom programming code to make functional web experiences.

Integrating our web design and HTML, CSS, PHP code into the WordPress platform allows access for the user to edit and modify static and dynamic content, including access to blogging features or other types of updates.

Conversely, the idea of creating a CMS from scratch can be a bit too much in the current context of web development. The effort to develop an individual CMS for each client is inefficient and very costly. All features of a presentation website can be easily integrated into WordPress, platform stability is exemplary, thus WordPress is our recommendation.

WordPress Free and priceless

The WordPress Platform features one of the most advanced and popular CMS systems (Content Management System) for building and managing a presentation website, blog or online store.

We develop creative websites with custom copywriting, design and code programming – and integrate them on the user-friendly WordPress platform for a number of good reasons:

  • Content is easy to update and customize
  • Dynamic pages that can access databases
  • Static website are easy to integrate on the WordPress platform using PHP
  • Predefined code functions
  • Detailed documentation
  • Technical support from a huge community of developers
  • Stable, fast and easy to manage
  • Plugins for multiple functionalities
  • SEO optimized page structure

A multimedia content management ecosystem

A quarter of all current websites are developed on the WordPress platform, supported by a CMS that holds 59% of market share, followed by Joomla (7.4%), Drupal (4.9%), Magento (2.9%), or Blogger (2.8%).

  • % 59
  • 7.4 %
  • 4.9 %
  • 2.9 %
  • 2.8 %

WordPress provides a framework that allows the development of advanced websites, large applications and database management systems. It is easy to use, with thousands of pre-built plugins with various functionalities available for all your ideas.

A responsive website for all screen resolutions

More than 50% of a website’s traffic is recorded from mobile visits.

People search and find what they need using a smartphone and internet connection. Sketching and programming a website to be responsive on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, projectors) allows us to welcome an influx of visitors who understand the usefulness of new technologies.

Running tests

We develop our websites on the agency’s local server.
Once the final version of a website is completed, in the testing phase we need to check each website function, correct eventual navigation-based issues so to perfect the user experience. We aim to get feedback, to find all unexpected errors, to secure the website from the access of unauthorized persons, to make it stable and reliable for our client.

Optimizare SEO

We develop optimized websites for best performance in Google search results.

Our mission is to undergo a series of technical actions in code progamming, also to optimize the content to semantically link the keywords in order to reach the top of Google search results. SEO optimizations provides the basis for correct web development and the prerequisites of website performance in search engines.

We are a digital communication agency proficient in SEO services

Training Website

Education in the digital environment

We develop websites and web platforms to provide customers with an online environment of expression. When we hand over the keys to a website, we allocate time for administration and functionality training. We teach future owners about the simplest ways to update the content on the website, how to make changes to the current content, and other management procedures to control the platform.

A website is not just a static construction, but a working space for communication with the public – customers, partners, visitors.

Training Website

Time to go online

After the creative and technical stages of website development are completed, we upload the website on the client’s server and domain name address to bring the digital experience live on the internet. This type of procedure is conducted by a technical professional to ensure best practices.

Technical foundations for
website development

Choosing a domain name and hosting services

In terms of branding, the name of the web address is itself an element of personality.

Numele trebuie să fie îndeajuns de memorabil și rezonant încât să atragă oamenii să caute adresa pe internet.

The name should be memorable and resonant enough to attract people to look for the internet address. You can opt for domain name extensions with different suffixes – our web address is, the address of the Italian restaurant Mezzaluna in our website portfolio is

We provide hosting services

It’s important for us to develop websites hosted on our own servers for the benefits of technical support in real time. We provide SSD server space, various storage options ranging from 5 GB to 100 GB and more, impressive speeds, uptime and computing power.

We recommend choosing a dedicated IP for the website and installing an SSL security certificate to ensure secure login for visitors, recommended for online stores as well as for less complex websites.