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To voice experience
talent speaks for itself

We are a team of professionals that work in complementary areas in the creative industry. We set up the Fortin Agency in 2015 as a response to a creative and business challenge:

How can we add value to advertising projects so that we generate profit for our customers and personal satisfaction?

The answer came naturally – by forming a team of highly competent people dedicated to the projects for which they work, motivated to make the efforts that bring the best results.

We are committed
to creating high performance
promotional campaigns

We are a digital communication agency focused on achieving marketing objectives of our clients. Our primary focus is to develop profitable communication and sales campaigns to make advertising worth the investment.

We develop integrated marketing strategies that correlate methods and tactics of advertising, communication and public relations with conversion optimization techniques for best website and Google results.

We are a Search Engine Marketing (SEO) agency

We build networks of influence by connecting customers with targeted audiences.

We are a Google AdWords agency

We achieve impressive Google advertising results, proven with significant ROI figures.

We are web design and code programming agency

We build and develop interactive and well-documented websites and online platforms.

We think for you. We build for you. We team up with you.

We develop original digital experiences predicated on interaction, connectivity, simplicity, accessibility. We believe that the online environment is a universal medium of expression and our mission is to communicate with the public in all points of contact.

  • We are multimedia content creators
  • We are connected to an extensive network of media partners
  • We are capable of creative project management
  • We are programmers, graphic designers, writers, sales and marketing people

We are Fortin Web Design Agency in Bucharest

We think with our eyes, listen with our noses, touch our ears

The Fortin workshop is prezided by connective intelligence, imagination, technique and practice. We connect data, concepts, technologies to connect people with people.

We work within a team of professionals to we develop simple and complex projects in full synergy.

Finance Manager
Digital Art Director
Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Front-end Web Developer
Front-end Web Developer
Motion Designer
Full Stack Developer
Expert eCommerce
Full Stack Developer
Expert eCommerce
Full Stack Developer
Expert eCommerce
Full Stack Developer
Expert eCommerce
Full Stack Developer
Social Media Manager
Event Coordinator
Senior Social Media
PPC Campaign Manager
PPC Campaign Manager
Senior SEM Manager
Senior SEM Manager
Full Stack Developer
SEO Marketing Specialist
SEO Strategist
Senior Copywriter
Content Manager
SEO Content Writer
SEO Content Writer
Web Content Creator
SEO Digital Content
Technical Writer
SEO Digital Content
SEO Content Writer
SEO Content Writer
SEO Content Writer
SEO Content Writer

Getting information before the competition is a considerable advantage

We are an SEO company focused on research and optimization (on-page, off-page) for online performance. We work with research tools that allow us to get extensive information about the current online communication affairs, links connected with other websites, keywords that define potential customers’ searches for products and services, including the semantic and demographic profiles of the public we target.

This information is essential to win the competition for visibility.

Our creative processes are coordinated in stages of development :

  • Research

    The first mandatory step in any type of ad creation project, doing our research will help us understand our client and think in a structured manner.

  • Design

    We create our work after careful wireframing and a number of iterations designed to help us develop the right structure for creative development.

  • Implementation

    We bring together all the elements of a project to design a cohesive and practical outlook on the implementation methods needed for development.

  • Construction

    We dedicate our team efforts in a structured manner to reach desired objectives and bring our projects to fruition.

  • Evaluation

    A testing and evaluation team will confirm or invalidate reaching the desired objectives and deliver a comprehensive activity report.

The art of communication and success in the online commercial environment

We know that in order to make commercial progress (both professionally and personally) with a web design agency, we need to achieve a certain balance between the “mathematical” business aspects (figures, statistics) and the development of communication strategies that substantially change our clients and the public’s viewpoints about the benefits of the digital advertising.

Our goal is to establish a dialogue between products, service providers and the target audience. This dialogue is more important than the idea of selling at any price, it is a long-term investment in brand capital and the advantages achieved deliver superior value.