SEO Optimization

Top rankings in Google Search

First page rankings in search results are determined in direct relation to technical actions in programming code configurations and creative optimization of textual content on the website.

Practical SEO applications

We provide SEO optimization services that include a series of technical actions, semantic actions – keyword research and text optimization – as well as public relations actions – publishing articles for link building.

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SEO optimization addresses the user’s interaction with the website, linking the website with search engines, and promoting the content using keywords. What matters most for visitors, along with technical aspects, is the content.

Quality content guarantees the return of visitors to the website and ensures the success of the marketing communication.

Website URL architecture

The technical optimization of a website starts with correcting problems in the internal link structure.

These operations help us guide visitor attention and traffic to content pages with particular topics and keywords, also will ensure a coherent Google bot crawling flow through the inter-referential logic of internal link structure.

URL website optimization

Changing the name of URLs according to page topic using keywords

Recommended Google indexation requirements include placing the main keyword (or a derivate keyword) in the final URL. Good practices require certain keywords to be referenced for a subdirectory and others for individual pages.


Identifying, correcting and avoiding duplicates of https and http

A non-optimized website uses the HTTP protocol and not the secure version with an SSL certificate. We recommend migrating the website address to secure HTTPS protocol by purchasing an SSL security certificate and installing it. The security certificate is a Google ranking factor and provides secure log-in for visitors, recommended for online stores and for less complex websites.


Identifying, correcting and avoiding duplicates of www and non-www

This problem leads to confusion in Google index, as the crawlers identify the two different address versions as two different sub-domains, thus interpreting textual content as a duplicate and downgrades in rankings.


Identifying, correcting and avoiding trailing slash duplicates

Website addresses are divided into directories and individual pages using the slash (/) symbol. The slash (/) symbol is used to develop a correct domain name address structure for pages and directories.


Identifying, correcting, and avoiding IP generated duplicates

To avoid duplicates of two identical web pages with different URL addresses, we identify whether the IP of the server redirects to the domain name of the website.


HTML optimization actions


The title heading of the page is a Google ranking factor

The Meta Title is the title of the website and/or the title of a web page, as you can read in the browser tab or as displayed in Google search results, to present the content topic of a page. The Meta Title text should score between 56 and 70 characters in length.

Search engines will truncate the page title to 70 characters. It is recommended that the text of the title should be drafted in a concise and informative way for potential visitors, also to contain the keyword that describes the content of the page.

Meta Title
Recommended optimization methods:
  • Priority for keyword or key-formula
  • Avoid the truncation of the text
  • Use the brand name
  • Write the title under 50-60 characters


A summary that tells the whole story

The Meta Description text has a length of 163 characters, and search engines will truncate this text to 156 characters. The text provides a summary of the content of the website page and writing this text is recommended for descriptive value.

Meta Description

Although it’s not considered a ranking factor, the Meta Description text can generate clicks if people find the message attractive.

  • Be concise to avoid truncation of text
  • Use a keyword or a key-phrase
  • Write the description under 150-160 characters

The Social Media dimension

OTechnical SEO actions are a must-have in the social media context.
If you share a website article on Facebook, you’ll notice that when you post the URL name into the message bar, the article displays the page preview. You can see the featured image, including the title and a description text.

The presence of an optimized Open Graph structure allows for accurate indexing of pages in Facebook posts.

A good interaction with communities on social networks guarantees that users share quality content, which eventually leads traffic to the website.

Open Graph Protocol

Developed by Facebook, the Open Graph protocol is used to integrate articles from websites into Facebook posts in order to be displayed with attributes organic to other Facebook posts to receive – Like, Share, comments.

Open Graph meta tags are integrated into the code of the web pages in the <head>.

Open Graph tags are not SEO ranking factors, but will contribute to the performance of links posted on Facebook so that they display the right information to drive traffic to the website

Cod Sursa – Open Graph Protocol Exemplu cod Open Graph Protocol

Twitter Card

Etichetele Twitter seamănă cu etichetele Facebook Open Graph și se bazează pe aceleași convenții ca și protocolul OG. Când procesorul Twitter Card caută etichete de pe o pagină, acesta verifică mai întâi proprietatea specifică Twitter și, dacă nu este prezentă, revine la proprietatea OG.

Crawler-ul Twitter respectă specificația robots.txt pentru Google atunci când scanează adresele URL.

Tag-urile Twitter Cards nu sunt factori de ranking SEO, dar vor contribui la performanța link-urilor postate pe Twitter, astfel încât să afișeze informațiile dorite și să conducă trafic către website.

Cod Sursa – Twitter Card Exemplu cod TwitterCard microdata optimization is a programming standard that streamlines HTML5 attribute sets to structure specific information on web pages to be read as distinctive by search engines.

. Proper use of micro data is a fundamental element in any SEO optimization strategy.

We can add elements by optimizing HTML tags. You can see a comparative example of programming code presented with versus without micro data attributes:

Agentia de comunicare digitala.
Detalii contact
Punct de lucru:
Str. Agricultori 113, Sector 2,Bucuresti,Romania
Tel:+40 733 367 846,
Fax:+40 725 367 846,
Alexandru Harbuzaru
Social Media Manager
Mihai Badea
Senior SEM Manager
Exemplu Microdata
Exemplu interpretare Google Microdata

Website content and information optimization actions

Importance of textual content for SEO optimization

We develop advertising concepts to address targeted messages to the public, we optimize to semantically connect links to keywords for best indexation in Google results.

Research allows us to discover the language of the industry, capitalize on semantic opportunities to connect with the audience, draft a keyword map to write articles and greet visitors with text relevant to Google searches for products and services.

Optimizarea conținut

Optimization of text and multimedia content

A remarkable website with Google authority in its domain of activity is defined by the quality of multimedia content – text, images, video, rich media. Its pages provide specialized information for visitors, thus the value of the content is high, clearly superior to the competition.

The textual content must have two attributes – generate product demand and be easy to link. Ideally, the content of a web page presents specific information about a single subject – product, service or work philosophy – relevant information within the scope of activity, and receives link juice from being interconnected with other websites.

Thin content – Low number of words per page

To become relevant and gain authority, the ideal volume of textual content should over 500 words per page.

Conversely, Google labels the page with thin content and it becomes inferior in terms of priority for indexation in the results page favoring other websites with better documented content.

thin content example
  • Exemplu pagina continut duplicat
    Site 1 /product/shoes/
  • Exemplu pagina continut duplicat
    Site 2 /article/red-shoes/
  • Exemplu pagina continut duplicat
    Site 3 /product/id=1234

Duplicate content – Identical texts on two different web pages

When a text on a particular page of a website is identical to the text on another website, including on the same website, Google interprets this signal as duplicate content, which becomes a factor for under-ranking.
Original texts are a clear indication of relevance in the field and authority on Google.

Updating with fresh content

An essential factor for top rankings in search results is updating the website with fresh content. New articles need to be published constantly to convey the signal that the website is active, receives many visits and is therefore relevant to the top position in the search results.

SEO optimization values the content, but the content itself needs to be valuable.

Using keywords to reach audience profiles

Keyword research is useful to understand market dynamics in terms of supply and demand. Knowing the keywords and phrases used by people in Google searches leads to targeting visitors to the web page.

Specificity is key factor to choosing keywords. To direct traffic to the website, we use short-tail, long-tail, broad match, exact match or phrase match keywords.

Marketing wise, it is important to understand the motivation of an audience category to anticipate changes in demand and respond with offers in a timely manner.

A diverse range of keywords make the gradual transition from general to specific to cover a generous range of potential anchors.

The H1 Heading tag – Important Google ranking factor

The H1 tag is an HTML element that indicates the title (and topic) of a website. It’s considered a Google priority factor and an important signal for the search engine in terms of reading the content of a text page.

The H1 heading is often the first element a visitor sees in search results or when they reach a web page. Therefore, it is imperative that this title indicates the visitor is in the right place and will find the right content.

Heading tag labels are consecutive, from H1 to H6, and the order of the headings structure guides the page scan to a keyword-based indexing.

Google scans the keywords from a search query and reads the user’s intention.

Understanding the search intent behind target keyword queries can lead to customizing H1 tags to speak directly to people’s intents.

If Google reads the intent of a keyword search and the query is similar in the heading tags on the website, it will lead to priority in the Search rankings.

Image optimization

Featuring images in articles allows the texts to be received with focus and understanding, images enhance the reading experience in regards to the subject of an article. Alt tags are HTML references that describe the subject of an image for Google scanning.

Using keywords in the Alt attributes is recommended to provide additional relevancy to the subject of a page.

Recommended practices
  • Integrate keywords into ALT attributes for images
  • Using descriptive names for images
  • Compress the image size
Optimizare SEO Imagine

Optimization of web loading speed

Enabling AMP – Amplified Mobile Pages

Google’s AMP project has the role of delivering a boost in mobile page loading speed. According to Google, AMP is not a ranking factor but will eventually become one.

Enable Cache – Cache File Collection

It is recommended that some static sections of the website be stored by the browser in the Cache folders to allow pages to load faster at a later visit.

Source code optimization

It is recommended to minify and compress code files, remove excess white space for legibility, use an HTML validator to identify and correct broken tags, find invalid links to be removed, along with many other specialized techniques.

Migrating your website for hosting performance

Website load time will increase significantly if the website is hosted on a SSD server, unlike a HDD server. Additionally, the speed is conditioned by the processor, the ram, the PHP settings, and many other hosting factors.

A responsive website for mobile devices

Currently, half the traffic recorded by websites comes from mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, pads.

A website must be optimized to easily adjust to variable screen resolutions and to be compatible with different web browsers.

The importance of a responsive website is major – it allows the visitor to use the applications on the page, read articles to screen size, including sharing an article on their own social network.

Mobile optimization also converts to finger interaction on the touchscreen to replace mouse navigation.

We develop each website for all current available resolutions

Recovering the website from Google Penalties

Sometimes the website may be under-ranked for various technical reasons, starting with a few positions under to even more pages under, which leads to lower traffic and lower financial results, depending on the field of activity.

SEO optimization identifies the penalty factors (duplicate content, broken links, missing keywords, toxic backlinks etc.) and ensures recovery measures. This process may take some time, but will correct the issues to win back the positions.

  • Monitoring traffic decreases
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Removing “thin” content
  • Removing broken links – Error 404 pages
  • Removing toxic backlinks – spam links, links to malware sites
  • Checking for unauthorized hits and links
  • • Registering a reconsideration request
Exemplu recuperare din penalizare Google