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SEO – Three letters to name an alphabet of optimization practices

We are able to outrank any competitor in Google search results

The Fortin Agency manages a powerful SEO department, expert in Google keyword research, experienced in understanding and interpreting marketing data, implementing SEO technical optimization, content development and communication campaigns.

Our performance indicators precede us:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 500+ optimized websites
  • 100000+ keywords promoted

SEO practices bring commercial profit


Keyword Research

Before thinking or acting upon a strategy, we choose to research the market.

Every online business subscribes to a number of relevant keywords for its domain of activity and for Google searches. Keywords are key ranking factors for priority indexing in the search engine.

A first step in determining keywords is to analyze the field of activity at a conceptual and semantic level. These operations can be made deductively or using specialized programs such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, or a suite of other programs.

The results of the Keyword Analysis programs show the number of searches for certain keywords and generate suggestions according to the searches within the area of activity.

The Money Site’s
information architecture

A Money Site is a perfectly SEO optimized website for profitable Google searches.

It is mobile responsive for all screen sizes and devices and highly functional in terms of navigation, interactions, applications, visitor experience.

SEO audit and optimization are methods to identify and correct structural issues in the development of website link structure for pages and sub-pages, including the HTML formatting of these pages for keyword indexation.

Audit SEO

The importance
of an optimized structure

Following the on-page SEO Audit, Fortin Agency will optimize the website for priority results in Google searches.

The SEO Audit is the diagnosis of the technical aspects of the website in regards to structure and content for a single product page, service or category, followed by an in-depth global analysis of all website pages. Our SEO practices complement the correct indexation of information according to Google’s algorithm based on a complex series of criteria.

Auditul SEO Fortin urmărește o serie de factori:

    • Domain and server settings
    • Diagnosis of HTML and content configurations
    • ALT attributes for images
    • Keyword frequency
    • Number of duplicate or missing titles and texts
    • Link titles
    • Correcting the Sitemap
    • Number of links to and from a page
    • The authority and age of a website
    • Code review and optimization
    • Keyword Mapping
    • Competition Study
    • Performance Indicators
    • Internal Link Structure
    • External Link Network

Priority rankings in Google Search Results

The content text should have two attributes – generate product demand and be easy to link.

Ideally, the content of a web page presents specific information about a single subject – product, service or work philosophy – relevant information within the domain of activity.

Google first page search results are determined in a direct correlation with technical and creative content optimization actions on the website.

Each article is written to address one keyword and/or its derivatives, on a technically optimized web page, according to a logical navigation structure:

  • Setări de domeniu și server
  • Diagnoza configurațiilor HTML și conținut
  • Atributele ALT pentru imagini
  • Frecvența unui cuvânt cheie
  • Sumar de titluri și texte duplicat sau lipsă
  • Setări de domeniu și server
  • Diagnoza configurațiilor HTML și conținut
  • Atributele ALT pentru imagini
  • Frecvența unui cuvânt cheie
  • Sumar de titluri și texte duplicat sau lipsă

SEO techniques in the service of marketing creativity

The word content designates the central elements that bring together a website – text, graphics, photography, video, animation, or any other multimedia product with public appeal.

Considering commercial websites, textual content is written for informational and marketing purposes. The integration of SEO criteria for writing textual content brings harmony between the creative and the technical aspects that work in synergy on the Google Search market.


SEO strategy for digital communication

In terms of online communication, we develop SEO campaigns that support the brand’s Public Relations.

Our starting point is to establish the communication and marketing objectives, a work agenda and calendar.

We document online and offline key audiences, search for keywords that can drive traffic to the website, position the promoted brand on the profile market, make a list of publications to link a network of media partners and publish our media, we develop an editorial agenda of topics to integrate the keywords and then create multimedia articles.

Practice wise, SEO optimization supports the success of an online public relations campaign.


Essential information delivered promptly in the inbox

Fortin’s SEO report presents keyword performance indicators in search results, it brings updates on the technical aspects of an SEO campaign, website rankings in Google, also suggests recommended actions for new marketing initiatives.

We are available for any kind of technical support in terms of SEO Audit, SEO optimization, multimedia content development and the coordination of communication campaigns.