The benchmark in e-commerce success is choosing the administration platform

One of the principal questions in e-commerce website development is what type of platform would be recommended for an online store creation project. We develop online stores for small, medium and large businesses. The choice of platform depends on the number of products and functionalities needed to be integrated into the new site.

A matter of documented choice

We have prepared a series of informative articles about the four main platforms that we would recommend for agency clients, according to the online shop development project. Dedicated articles about each platform can be read on the agency’s blog.

One aspect clients need to consider is operating a user-friendly Dashboard for managing products and pages in the website. Some online store platforms are simple to use but problematic in terms of scalability (thousands, hundreds of thousands of products). Other platforms may be too complex for inexperienced users and require specialized maintenance, but support thousands of products and major traffic from visitors.

Briefingand setting up objectives

We consider it’s important to start online store website development with briefing interviews to get our facts straight. The objective of the meetings is to discover those advantages that are worth developing in regards to text, design and website functionality.

We are a team of full-service professionals, we allocate time and resources for research, communication concept, web design creation, code programming and testing.

Copywriting for e-commerce websites

The online store is a sales platform, we call it a Money Site. In order to write about a company, a copywriter needs to learn about the company itself, the ideas, concepts, vocabulary and style of expression employed in the company’s specialized field of commercial activity.

Copywriting and product description texts narrate a story by the letter. Information is structured to address the experience of a potential buyer with brand products and commercial offers.

For favorable Google indexing, we write content in volumes for product category pages, the descriptions inform about the aesthetic and functional qualities of brand products.

Web design for online stores

A web design project, followed by web development, starts with the Home Page design to structure a graphic style that delineates onto the secondary pages. We craft a custom design language to develop a digital brand from the ground up. We can also work on the basis of an existing brand design manual.

Graphic design is the visual part of brand identity and can be considered one of the first elements visitors interact with in regards to perception. It is the form that supports the textual and commercial content presented by the website. People look for the right content to suit their interest and curiosity.

When entering an online store, people take an interest in products and their descriptions. Products are displayed in a creative design environment, the information architecture is easy to navigate, with eye-catching points of interest. Good design would bring a visitor one call to action away from becoming a new client.

Responsive web programming

We tend to best creative and technical practices in e-commerce website development. Our team reaches peak performance in the context of a fluent workflow:

The Fortin code programming department is composed of gifted professionals with theoretical and practical experience in web development. We are passionate about code language poetry – JavaScript (Jquery libraries, React JS), PHP (Framework Laravel and Code Igniter), content formating and styling (HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap). Our custom web designs are integrated in WordPress platform, our team is well versed in WordPress, Magento and PrestaShop functionalities.

E-shop platform functionalities and modules

Each e-commerce platform offers essential functionalities and plugins to manage an online shopping site. In the extended version, building an online store includes an extensive set of functionalities and modules:

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Responsive design and programming for online stores

More than half the traffic to a website comes from visitors on mobile devices. Since mobile technology has become universal, designing and programming a website for variable screen sizes makes it able to adapt to all available resolutions – desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, even projector.

We develop a website for almost 15 different resolutions for variable screen sizes to be perfectly optimized to welcome visitors with simple and accessible navigation to available products and useful functionalities.

SEO for e-commerce websites

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Keyword Research

Looking at keyword trends in Google searches, we seek to identify public market demand and offer. To achieve the best conversion results – converting visitors to buyer – we choose the perfect words for the marketing objectives we aim to reach.

On-Page SEO optimization

Every millisecond counts. There are a number of technical factors that help optimize a website’s loading speed, from server settings, saving images for web display, database optimization, file compression and minimization, cache removal etc. In SEO optimization practices for online stores, we focus on URL architecture and interconnected links between category and product pages:

Optimizare SEO On-Page Magazin Online

On-site optimization practices include:

  • Link structure formatting: www and nonwww to return the same address
  • Link structure optimization – writing SEO friendly URLs
  • Eliminating duplicates of URL, Title, Meta Description
  • Eliminating duplicates of Title, Meta Description, generated by page formatting
  • Eliminating content duplicates
  • Optimization of Meta Tags: Title, Descriptions, Robots.txt, dcterms.rights, dcterms.rightsholder, canonical
  • Optimization of search filters
  • Correct integration of Schema.org and micro data
  • Correct integration of Open Graph Protocol
  • Semantic structure of headlines: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Configuration of Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files
  • Optimization of images with relevant keywords in ALT attributes
  • Optimization of website loading speed
  • Minification of Javascript and CSS files
  • Enabling HTML / JS / CSS / IMGs compression
Promovare Seo

SEO promotion campaigns

We can outrank the competition. To achieve high rankings and priority in Google results, we publish and URL link to major online publications of high SEO authority.

Website Upload Server

Uploading website to existing domain

Completing the construction and training stages, the website files are moved from the agency’s local server to the client’s domain address. The website is archived (files and database), then uploaded to the new domain.

The procedure follows a series of recommended technical steps, and the length of these processes varies depending on the server location and the file sizes that make up the website.

Website Upload Server

We provide hosting services

We find it important to develop websites hosted on our own servers for the benefits of real time technical support. Server storage is SSD, available hosting space varies from 5 GB to 25 GB even 100GB even custom packages, our servers offer impressive speeds, uptime and computing power

We recommend choosing a dedicated IP for the website and installing an SSL security certificate to ensure secure login for visitors, vital for e-commerce stores as well as for less complex websites.

SSL Certificate installation

Installing an SSL certificate on the website will lead to automatically redirecting visitors to the HTTPS secure version of the website to ensure information protection.

Google considers HTTP redirection to HTTPS Secured Version a ranking signal for search engine results. There are two main reasons why you should consider securing the website with an SSL certificate:

SSL Icon Website Securizat SSL


to make sure sensitive data is encrypted from the user browser to the server. The SSL certificate ensures a visitor the website is secure.


HTTPS is a strong ranking signal, and Google will prioritize the website in front of the competition.

Website delivery and training

A website is more than a static construction, it is a web platform in full development and content update.

We build online stores for clients who want to sell quality products to visitors searching for quality products.

Website Training Icon

Our mission is to train and educate our clients in operating a turn-key e-commerce shop to simplify the selling and buying procedures and delivery of products.

Operating an online store is a big business commitment

Before starting an online commercial business, we recommend good market research and extensive documentation on how to manage the e-commerce platform. The investment in web technology will become profitable in medium term perspectives reaching a number of benchmarks in product sales.

Training is essential and it deserves a time investment to cover all the technical dimensions of such a business: inventory, warehouse, mail or courier (national and international), card payment, customer support, Google optimization, promotion, pricing policy and regional fees, product return policy, client profiles, including a number of variables that are not in the direct control of the administrator, for example – customer feedback.

To manage an online sales site may not be that simple

First of all, there is great competition and your competitors are one step forward in terms of marketing and market share. Good control over product demand and supply is essential. The product delivery protocol must be precisely calibrated – the delay of a product will lead to customer dissatisfaction. A customer care and support system is required. Be prepared for managing unhappy customers and for correcting your actions in accordance with a Terms of Service policy.

Education in new technologies and the online market dynamics is mandatory

You will activate in a highly competitive digital environment. Your competitors are well-prepared to manage the technical tricks of an e-commerce website. You have to be knowledgeable of concepts such as multi-tier price policies, regional taxes, timed limited offers, smartphone apps, loyalty points, bonus coupons, buy-in credit, etc. In addition, your clients do their research before buying, and websites that offer comparative pricing and product benefits dictate the choices.