Copywriting services

Words for readers
with time to spare

There’s this preconception on the markets, both online and offline, that nobody actually reads advertising text – promotional text, descriptive, informative, argumentative, persuasive, narrative text. Some say text is mostly irrelevant as people enjoy pictures more and most clients would rather invest in brand image.

Certified studies claim there’s a decrease in readers’ attention from 10 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds in present times, a consequence of mobile technology development.

Advertising agencies avoid long copy in favor of laconic call to action messages in order to emphasize design, photography or a website’s eye-candy dynamics.

Victor Hugo writes that a good idea is are a rare find
in the forest of words.

To find those good ideas, we have all the time to spare.

Text and context, online and offline

Presently speaking, digital media ups the ante in terms of creative text from optional to mandatory, technically due to Search Engine Optimization keyword indexing criteria, also to channel organizational communication to the right readers. There are two types of creative text we cater to our clients – Copywriting (advertising text) and Content Writing (blogging and advertorial text).

Communication works best when textual content is accessible to the public and distributed in the relevant context.

  • Copywriting Advertising text
  • Content writing Blogging and advertorial text

for digital media

We think about a website in regards to 3 interconnected elements:

To define a web experience, the textual content, the web design and the programming code work in synergy, each is a complementary part that constructs a single distinct story, aesthetically pleasing, informative and functional.

Design sets the stage for multimedia content, programming code builds the framework to house the content and its dynamic and interactive functions with the user, and the text shares information, ideas and messages that elicit action. We aim to elicit several types of actions from website visitors, also we focus on marketing objectives to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Planning and activating
communication strategies

A communication strategy is based on a communication concept and a media publication strategy to reach marketing objectives. We target the social media channels, web platforms and publications which address a targeted audience

We write poignant and attention grabbing messages to reach our objectives. We target keyword linking interaction points between platforms to drive traffic to specific landing pages.

We host communication for Facebook and Instagram brand profile pages, Google+ and Twitter feeds, we publish articles on influencer blogs, news platforms, magazines and various online publications in all areas of commercial interest. Online advertising wise, we are specialized in Google AdWords promotion – Search, Display Network, Mobile, Video and App campaigns. Our most successful communication campaigns include a solid SEO link building network of Google authority.

Facebook communication

Facebook is the largest open social media channel for communication and access to public and private information

Our communication actions include the publication of posts and comments on the Facebook profile page we host according to an editorial agenda and a programmed calendar. Sponsored posts have a higher Reach and bring more Impressions, Facebook Ads distribute the posts to the targeted groups of interest we wish to reach. Facebook Insights keeps all the statistical data of our actions, we track our progress.

Our mission is to pursue the platform’s objectives – Likes, Shares, Reach, comments, e-mails – to connect the content we post with the desired audience, also with our client’s website. We reach commercial objectives once we generate a sufficient level of interaction between the public and the profile page.

Communication campaigns are initiated to reach marketing objectives:

  • Winning over the audience on Facebook – more followers, more commentators
  • Increased traffic from Facebook to our client’s Money Site
  • Increased sale on the Money Site from Facebook generated visits
  • The participation of our Followers in marketing initiatives – events, contests, promotions etc

The art of advertising text
is commercial performance

An expert sales man will convince a client only if he’s become a master of his speech and speaks about what he has mastered.

Advertising discourse is predicated upon the mastery of a documented domain of activity in order to have the authority to recommend and sell products or services. Knowing the functional language of a craft, product or service will express a fluent sales pitch and also leave room for improvisation.

Research helps us discover commercial advantages and our flair for composition will shine a light on distinct brand values that clients can relate to and become selling points.

Writing for everyone is not ROI friendly

The aim of copywriting is to make a semantic connection with the ideal reader in order to transfer relevant information and significance to mediate a commercial transaction the client can trust.

The difference in commercial performance between two styles of brand copywriting is both in the words and the information, also in the degree of relevance the message holds to the paying reader.

One of the principal objectives of advertising text is to narrow the generalist nature of a message to capture the attention and will to pay of the ideal reader

This message is addressed directly to you.

If you fancy this text, you will notice it is written using the right words, in the right context, delivered in a friendly tone of voice in a timely fashion — Now.

The persuasive communication

The persuasive nature of the text contributes to communication success, yet our primary objective is to maintain a balance between the commercial value of the text and its conversational value, a text written for the purpose of its reading pleasure.

Outstanding advertising text is:

  • Specific and eliminates ambiguity
  • Written for a specific frame of context
  • Consistent with brand voice and tone
  • Natural in language and lexicon
  • Informative, educational and aspirational
  • Speaking directly to its ideal paying reader

What are the applications of copywriting?

  • Brand presentations and descriptions for products and services
  • Advertising materials
  • Website pages
  • To mediate communication between brand and client

Content writing for SEO
campaigns,social media and public relations

Complementary to copywriting, content writing is a creative text written to garner a social dimension, aimed to generate interaction with communities on a variety of media outlets – blogs, websites, news publications – as published according to a time calendar, also in real time.

The objective of content writing for communication campaigns is not making the sales, yet to truly connect with the audience with informative articles, news, stories, press releases and social posts aimed to elicit a response from the readers and entertain a dialogue.

Exceptionally crafted, copywriting and content writing are coordinated to drive commercial results for brands that keep a lively communication.

Content writing brings home best results when:

  • The communication is centered on storytelling
  • The message is not focused on commercial selling
  • The story is written from the perspective of a real person
  • The text promotes products and services in their natural context
  • The text makes an informed recommendation, rather than a sales pitch

What are the applications
of content Writing?

  • Organizational communication
  • Website and blog articles and press releases
  • Social media posts
  • E-mail correspondence

New communication opportunities

Our mission as creative writers is to identify and develop the relevant communication topics that connect the our clients with their desired audience. It is important we understand our client’s domain of activity to write the best messages. We’re here to help bridge communication between brands and brand clients. You are welcome for a detailed chat regarding our communication and PR methods.